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Torchlight II's production was a ton of crunch for weeks and months. They were really tired and wanted to perform something different. Keep in mind most of these people were working on arpg's for 15-20 decades. Max, Justin and Matt from Runic are on it as well as a couple people who helped with D1 and D2 and yeah-it's nba 2k20 cheap mt  really early build. At this time I believe that they're just getting the motor broken in and working on acquiring basic systems set up. I will be in the alpha of course won't be able to speak about that but soon as I can give my impressions I'm sure will.

As it seems your skillset is restricted to just 6 skills, which already includes your basic attack, therefore it's just 5 abilities. I am aware that it is a preview, so I don't complain about the unorganic placement of enemys or the simple fact that they respawn in almost no time, however torchlight had some fairly cool skillcombos, particularly with modded classes. I realy want it to succeed but I don't believe it's going to be more, than a shallow Torchlight variant for consoles, hell it may be an IOS game, by the looks of it.Less skills to get at a time doesn't mean there is less thickness. It might mean you are going to have to think about what to place in your skill bar longer. Plus which would mean less futile skills imo since everything needs to be helpful. You understand?

The method by which in which the scenery"pops" out and in when moving behind large trees is actually sudden and distracting, it needs to be MUCH smoother, and unintrusive to the stage you do not even realise it. Nobody would like to be distracted due to scenery pop-up. While talking to them they did state that they were still working on things like that. So hopefully it's something which gets addressed.What about control and optimization input. Torchlight two had one of the worst aiming feels ever. It was actually extremely difficult to correctly target at masses and switch targets.Also involving me and my friends we would get pretty damn heavy framerate drops in large fights which is retarded because a game like that should run also 100fps at all times.This brand new game runs just like a turd then screw them.Does mt nba 2k20  run as a turd with numerous individuals in massive fights.

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