It is true that online book stores are a rage now-

It is true that online book stores are a rage now-

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Golf is one of the greatest games in the world to play however it can also be one of the most difficult to learn and master. It is also perhaps one of the most mentally demanding games out there since you are in full control of when you decide to hit the ball. Here are some simple tips to help you learn the game more quickly and easily:

Tip 1: Learn how to putt first

Putting is a game within a game and learning this part of golf first can really help you to become a better and improve more quickly. The first step is to learn a particular mechanical approach to putting. You will notice if you watch the professionals on television that they use a number of different styles and techniques.

It is important to decide on a specific putting style and stick with it. Take a lesson or two from a local golf professional and decide that you will stick with one putting technique. You can make minor adjustments to the style you are using and refine it to make it better. People that are continuously making big changes to their putting styles are susceptible to getting the yips and never developing the level of consistency they are capable of.

Tip 2: Chipping and wedge play are very important

Learning how to chip is very important and can make a big difference to your scores. Be sure to spend some practice time around the greens from all kinds of different lies learning how to hit these short chip shots. With most chip shots you will want the ball to be slightly back in your stance lined up with your right foot and you also want an open stance which means your feet point to the left of the target if you are a right handed player.

Tip 3: Master the mental game

The mental game of golf can really help you to become a better player fast. Most players tend to think too much when they are over the ball so it is important to learn to silence your mind as you are about to make the shot. Developing a solid routine is an important part of a good mental game. There are two aspects to the golf routine and they are the mental routine and the physical routine.

The physical routine can vary and it is a good idea to allow flexibility in the routine Wholesale Joakim Soria Jersey , for instance if you have an awkward lie then you may want to take more time and more practice swings until you feel confident you can hit a good shot. The mental routine is perhaps the most important aspect of the golf routine and this part involves reading the greens or picking the right clubs, judging the wind and thinking properly before you pull the trigger. The biggest key is to make sure you believe you can execute the shot and then simply look and react to the targets. Try some of these tips to help you play better golf and shoot lower scores faster.
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