NBA 2K19 MyTeam crew is giving gamers some special content

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The NBA scene has quickly moved from the regular season to the postseason. Just like the regular season games, there will be some memorable moments or performances happening during the NBA Playoffs. Not long ago we saw brand new Kevin Durant 20th Anniversary Packs. He will likely be amongst future Hall of Famers. A trio of Pink Diamond MyTeam Hall of Famers cards leads the way for the newer NBA 2K19 packs. The 2018-19 NBA season officially came to a close on Wednesday, April 10, for many teams. There will be just 16 teams that participate in the NBA Playoffs, with the Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks not part of the picture. Career moments bring special memories for NBA players and their fans. That’s especially true for international star Manu Ginobili of the San Antonio Spurs. 

One of the NBA top superstars today is Kevin Durant, as the Golden State Warriors star has won an MVP award, made the All-Star team multiple times, and won several championships. Now he’s being honored by packs with new NBA 2K19 MyTeam cards. I've had hours upon hours of fun with NBA 2K19. In fact, I've probably played this version more than any of the 2K releases since NBA 2K11-14. Because of the extended hours I'm spending playing the game, I've been able to analyze the inner workings of the game, even more, this year.

Some of them have already occurred and thanks to new NBA 2K19 MyTeam Playoffs Moments packs, there are some great new player cards available. At the top of them, all is the champion of champions, the legendary Bill Russell. The former Boston Celtics center has a 98 OVR card. It makes sense as he also has the most championship rings amongst Hall of Famers with 11 total. These teams two legendary stars and future Hall of Famers, Dwyane Wade and Dirk Nowitzki, played in what is expected to be the final games of their memorable careers. 

As a tribute to the players and the legacies they will leave in basketball, the NBA 2K19 MyTeam crew is giving gamers some special content. The multiple-time NBA champion officially retired last season and that will bring a special night for him on Thursday (Mar. 28). To honor that moment, NBA 2K19 MyTeam has a special Manu Ginobili challenge and Diamond card available in the game. 

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