Posted: 12:57 AM - Feb 26, 2019
Joining the White Sox gives Harper the opportunity to join up with a young team that hasn't begun to tap into its potential. He also still buy stubs mlb the show 19  maintains the big market feel that he would get elsewhere.Think the Cubs signing Jon Lester at the end of 2014 after several losing seasons, but on an even larger scale.The case against: The White Sox have the most obvious red flag of any team competing for his services — the lack of recent succcess.

They haven't had a winning record since 2012 and have not won a playoff series since their championship run in 2005. While the farm system is ripe with talent, it's reasonable to ask whether Harper would take the risk of joining an unproven team over more of a sure thing.Washington NationalsThe case for: The Nationals $300 million offer that they submitted to Harper on the last day of the 2018 season remains on the table, and it isn't out of the question that the two teams could enter negotiations if the outfielder expresses a desire to return to his previous team.  Washington has familiarity working in its favor and has a distinct advantage over the competition in that aspect.

A return to D.C. on a long-term deal can also give the opportunity for Harper to cement his legacy while maintaining loyalty to one franchise.The case against: It's unlikely that familiarity is going to be the deciding factor in Harper's decision-making. The Nationals will have to offer him the most money to maximize their chances. Washington missing the playoffs last season might have been the nail in the coffin of Harper's Nationals career, as they have yet to achieve postseason success during his time in the nation's capitol. With an excellent pitching staff and other offensive weapons under contract, the Nationals could choose to change up their approach to try to stay in contention by MLB the show stubs  signing mid-tier free agents.Angels announce Mike Trout is 'day to day' with right wrist injury.

In Tuesday's outing against the Rays, Mike Trout pushed his luck after successfully stealing second base in the first inning in Tampa Bay.The Angels' center fielder attempted to steal another, but was caught at third for the second out of the frame. In doing so, he sustained an injury to his right wrist.The right wrist contusion, the club reported Wednesday, makes Trout's status questionable as Los Angeles wraps up the three-game series and prepares to face Cleveland, the American League Central leaders.